What can Actis do for you?


A good network offers opportunities. You can think about assignments, jobs, projects, knowledge, futuriste clients or goods. The best opportunities are always being shared within the network of people and rarely with new contact, more often than not before they’re openly announced.


No clue of what you want to do after you finish your study? By being a member of HMV Actis, you have got the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of companies and provides you with opportunites in participating in committees. In addition, you can earn your practice points by visiting one of our many activities.

        CV Building

Companies value the extracurricular activities that students do besides their study a lot. HMV Actis gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself and to give your career a kickstart. Would you like to commit yourself for the association as a committee member or as a board member? Please contact us.


What is an association without informal activities? Every year we organize a prom, a year-beginning party, a year ending party as well as our monthly drink in De Negende Cirkel with a lot of free beers. Besides that we also organize other activities like bowling, ice skating, karting and a lot of other activities!


No upcoming events