About us

About us

HMV Actis, also known as Hanze Marketing Vereniging Actis, arose on the 20th of December 1991. HMV Actis is the study association of the School of Marketing Management at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

School of Business, Marketing and Finance

  •  Commercial Economics
  •  Entrepreneurship and Retail Management 
  •  Marketing Management

The association

HMV Actis organizes different activities every year with as goal to reduce the distance between the members and the future business life. The board of HMV Actis can not organize all the activities by themselves and because of that, we can not operate without committees. During the year multiple lectures, workshops and company visits are organized. Besides that Actis organizes a congress, a career event and a lot of other activities,all organized for the members, by members of HMV Actis. The board of HMV Actis is a one year board, that means that HMV Actis has a new board every year. The board of this year is already the 30th board! 

Our main target

The association has for its object to reduce the distance between the education and the practical environment by giving its members the opportunity to make contact with the business life. HMV Actis provides support in the personal development and futuristic employment opportunities for the students.