(Online) marketing trends for 2021 to keep an eye on

(Online) marketing trends for 2021 to keep an eye on

This year there were, again, many changes in the marketing world. And although you are overloaded with trends and developments, it is still important to keep an eye on them. Because the sooner you discover them, the sooner you can respond to it! In 2021 there will again be many important developments in the field of (online) marketing. We’ll explain five trends.

Trend 1: Personal attention

The first trend is one that we have seen around for some time: personal attention. Consumers find personal contact increasingly important to build a reliable relationship with a company or brand. This can emerge in different ways during the customer journey; a personal card, e-mail or phone call, but also during after sales.

Trend 2: Influencer marketing within the B2B-market

Meanwhile, we are completely used to "influencer marketing", the use of influencers to promote your brand or company. Until now, this has happened almost exclusively in the B2C-market, but influencer marketing is expected to become increasingly important in the B2B-market in 2021. This all has to do with using an experience-specialist to convey your product or service credibly.

Trend 3: Marketing automation

Working more efficiently and making marketing processes more practical, something that was important before, but was not added in marketing strategies. In 2021, it is expected that marketing processes will become a lot more efficient than before, with the aim of increasing conversions.

Trend 4: The disappearance of third-party cookies

After Apple previously indicated that it no longer supports third-party cookies, Google will also follow in 2022. If third-party cookies are accepted, an internet user can be identified on one or more websites. Based on this search behavior, it is possible to specifically target with suitable advertisements. After the introduction of the new Dutch privacy law, in which permission must be requested to place advertising cookies, the end of third-party cookies was already in sight. In this way, it is increasingly difficult for advertisers to tailor marketing campaigns specifically to the search behavior of certain customer profiles.

Trend 5: The use of video

The use of video for marketing and sales purposes will be introduced for both the B2C- and B2B-market. This includes quotations that are explained to a customer via an accessible video, offering an online demo or describing the user manual of a service via a video.

To summarize, enough interesting developments to keep an eye on!



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