Everyone at the Hanze has to deal with it: presenting. For one person this is easier than for another. So that’s why we have looked at the best tips and tricks for giving a good presentation and we are happy to share them here with you!

  1. Be relavant. Think in advance for whom you spreak (target group) and think of why your subject or story is interesting for this target group. If you can answer that question, chances are that your adience is interested and they will continue to listen.
  2. Show your passions. You basically have to ‘sell’ your subject, you have to think your subject is just amazing! If you are enthousiastic, your adience will respond to that. Be sincere on why the topic is important or interesting to you.
  3. Determine your core message. During the preperation of your presentation it is important to ask yourself what message you want to convey to your audience. This is called the core message and your goal is to make sure your audience gets it. try to formulate this message briefly but clear. If the core message is clear, you can continue with the remaining content of your presentation. Make sure that this content is related to your core message, this way the audience will remember the content better.
  4. Start of strong. The beginning of a presentation is important for the rest of the presentation. If you fail to immediately attract attention, people will lose their attention quicker. For example, start with a video of your topic, or a good quote.
  5. Laugh! Appaerence is very important during a presentation. When you smile in increases your credibility and for some it even helps to get rid of the nerves!
  6. Keep your Powerpoint short. It should not be the intention that people pay more attention to your PowerPoint than to you. Your PowerPoint must be supportive. A few tips for a strong PowerPoint:

- Can contain up to 10 slides

- Shouldn't last longer than 20 minutes

- Must have a legible font and font size so that it is not readable by the public at the back.

7. Breathe calmly. This sounds difficult, especially if you are often nervous before or during a presentation. Still, breathing calmly helps with the nerves saved. Controlled breathing also makes you pronounce your words more clearly, making you appear more convincing. This also prevents you from rushing through your presentation.

And if all of this doesn't help, the old tip of ‘portraying the audience naked’ can still help! Good luck!


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