The Importance of Creativity in the World of Online Marketing

Nowadays, online marketing has become an undeniable concept, combined with the creative aspects within this area. Think of web design, blogs and newsletters, but also about user-friendliness and optimization. What makes creativity an important factor?

The World View of Creative People

A creative brain works differently, and there are countless researchers who support this statement. To explain it in a simple way: our brain consists of different networks. Each network is a kind of source of activity for different brain capacities. However, this activity is usually not cross-border, it is different for very creative people. A symphony is organized in the brain between all these networks. So they can use several networks at the same time, which are normally not related to each other.

There are actually several thought processes taking place at the same time, because all networks are aligned. Yet, very creative people are most of the time not aware of this. This is because the brain draws a main line from these thought processes and only that specific line enters consciousness. Have you ever heard that creativity comes from the right side of your brain? That’s not true, both hemispheres are needed for this!

The difference a creative pov can make

It is clear that creative people have a different way of thinking. This of course brings benefits for both customer and company. Creativity ensures that you think in terms of solutions. Solutions that are sometimes not immediately obvious. Another advantage that comes with this is that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Precisely because of these non-obvious aspects, you can gain insights that other companies have not yet considered.


Tips for creativity

Unfortunately, not everyone is equally creative. This is of course not a problem at all, but to give you a little hand, we have listed a few tips to stimulate your creativity.

- Tip 1: Go streetcombing: Take a lot of photos without thinking about it. You can look back on this later for inspiration!

- Tip 2: Keep your own 'source book' in which you write down all your ideas that come to your mind throughout the day.

- Tip 3: Meditate. Meditation ensures that your mind can relax for a while, and that can lead to many new ideas.

- Tip 4: Make a mind map. A mind map has a scientific proven effect on the stimulation of ideas. By using shapes and colors the creative part of your brain is more triggered.


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