Pink Marketing: Charlotte's experience

Pink Marketing: Charlotte's experience

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte de Haan. I have been an active member at HMV Actis for a number of years in terms of committee member, board member or member of the supervisory board. At the moment I am a third year ORM student and that means I’m doing an internship! I am doing an internship at a sponsor of HMV Actis, namely Pink Marketing. Pink Marketing is a great company with a fun, welcoming ambiance. There is a lot of hard work, but on the other hand there are also all kinds of fun things there, such as Friday drinks at the roof terrace of Paradigm. And of course in this time where everybody is working from home, Friday drinks are online, but everyone gets snacks delivered at home!

But besides all the fun things, an internship is meant to learn new skills and gain practical experience. Pink Marketing is very flexible in the activities for interns. For example, you can already choose from three different departments when you apply for the internship. You can choose from Social Marketing, Search Marketing and Display advertising. I myself chose Display advertising and I am still very satisfied with this choice. Within this department you are given the freedom to indicate what you would like to learn. I thought it would be fun to learn every step of the way with a campaign from start to finish. This way I will get a very clear insight of how a campaign works. And soon the time will finally be there, I can start a campaign on my own, from start to finish!

So this was a small update about my internship at Pink Marketing. If you would like to do an internship at Pink Marketing, but still have some questions, you can always contact me by sending an email to 


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