Company visit Grolsch (English tour)


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4 dec. 2019 10:30 - 20:00

Company visit Grolsch (English tour)

Would you like to join an awesome daytrip to beer brewer Grolsch? On the 4th of December 2019, HMV Actis will organize the biggest company visit of the academic year. There will be a company tour in both Dutch and English (two groups of 18) and afterwards we’ll have a dinner together. We’ll meet at 10:30 o’clock at the fountain at the Van OlstToren and we’ll be back around 20:00. The costs are €12.50 for Actis members and €20.00 for non-members. Since there are limited spots available, do not wait any longer and sign up quickly!


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There are 36 tickets in total. 18 spots are available for the English tour, tickets for the Dutch tour can be found at


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